Welcome to cyder.com - your connection on the web for all things cyder related.

Why the "y"?
We're based in the USA and ever since the disaster of prohibition the word cider has been used interchangeably with apple juice. On this site we use cyder to mean fermented apple juice, often referred to as "hard cider. In the UK cyder is an altenate, and perhaps older, spelling of  cider which has always been alcoholic. We'll cheat a bit and discuss Perry too, cyder's cousin made from pears.

Under Construction
Not much here yet, so what's the plan?
Our goal here is to provide a connection between producers and consumers. Most producers are small artisans, developing their own unique flavors and styles, typically selling into their local markets whereas cyder lovers are everywhere. We'll use the "long tale" power of the internet to make the connection between producers and consumers.

Will there be ratings, points and opinions.
Absolutely not from us. We think that taste is unique to each individual and that what you like is just that. We don't plan on recreating the wine industry's ecosystem where experts express their verdict on a wine and the press kow-tow to their opinion and glossy magazines extoll the hints of English leather, sandalwood and wild berries in the exquisite bouquet. If there's a demand, we may add a page where consumers can comment on their favorites (though we'll still blacklist English leather and sandalwood!).

First Steps
We'll provide links to the websites of any producer that would like to be linked - no conditions, although we hope that everyone will reciprocate and link to cyder.com. We'll be starting out with producers in the USA with the goal of eventually including producers worldwide with appropriate language translation.

As a simple spam avoidance, please create our email address using the word "contact" before that "at" symbol and then our simple cyder after that "at" followed by the dot and then the com